Poor Doub Roberson


It this week’s Hoopla, Gazette Communication’s weekly for “young adults,” there is a short interview with Doug Roberson, longtime booker and bartender at Gabe’s and the Picador. After the interview, Mr. Roberson was laid off. This sucks.

But to make matters worse for Mr. Roberson, when the story appeared online, it ran with this editor’s note:

Shortly after this interview The Picador’s owners downsized and Doub Roberson was let go. He’s hoping to become an independent concert promoter in Iowa City.

Two pieces of corporate-speak and a butchering of Mr. Roberson’s first name. And while the paper for young adults (and I assume from the drink-special ads they using the psychology definition and not the library definition of young adult) is full of trivial fluff pieces, it really pains me to see a name — a simple, common names — make get past the “editors.”

(Disclosure: I met with the team developing Hoopla last fall to do some training on WordPress as a content management system.)

One thought on “Poor Doub Roberson”

  1. Are you sure they have editors, and not something else? Maybe they only have “character arrangement overseers,” or “published literature conduits.”

    “Editing” is an old fashioned job that has no place in this new electronic world.

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