The Gazette lays off 13

Gazette Communications publicly announced its reorganization (which I’ve written about here and in the Corridor Business Journal) and laid off 13 employees. According to the media company, the restructuring will result in 100 fewer jobs.

The restructuring sees Steve Buttry move from editor of The Gazette and GazetteOnline to overseeing the entire news gathering operation and Lyle Muller, formerly the senior editor in charge of the Iowa City newsroom, take over as editor of The Gazette print product.

There are the obligatory pieces from Mr. Buttry, Mr. Muller and the paper’s own business reporter. Chuck Peters, the company’s CEO and driving force behind the reorganization, hasn’t made a public statement but will participate in an online chat from noon to 1 p.m. “today” with Messrs. Buttry and Muller.

(Quick public service announcement for all you Web editors and producers out there: “today” doesn’t work online like it does with the print product. I suspect that Messrs. Peters, Muller and Buttry were planning to chat on Feb. 25 — “tomorrow” when the story was published on the Web site, but “today” when it was published in the paper.)

Mr. Buttry discusses his new title, information content conductor.

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