Where will those dirty, dirty bloggers aggregators stop?

Connie Schultz, of Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer, has some nasty things to say about bloggers parasitic aggregators, sites that “siphon newspaper resources” by rewriting exclusive content from others’ original reports that makes those originals redundant.

Her solution is to make it illegal to rewrite and post swaths of exclusive content and post it online for 24 hours. Linking with a headline and one or two sentences, she says, is fine.

But here’s the thing: Yesterday she did a half-hour video chat with The Plain Dealer‘s Mike McIntyre, which was posted online. Yet I can embed — and I have — the video on my own site, denying the Dealer ad revenue from its exclusive content and rendering it redundant. While the paper could insert ads for which it gets revenue in front of the video here, it doesn’t. And I think the irony speaks for itself.

Seriously, guys. Newspapers have to help themselves here.

One thought on “Where will those dirty, dirty bloggers aggregators stop?”

  1. This is akin to newspapers and the AP complaining about Google appropriating content by indexing it but not taking the step to add a robots.txt file to reject crawlers that index the content.

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