Treated like an adult

Earlier today I tweeted:

It's refreshing to be treated as an adult who can handle the uncensored title and passages of "Go the Fuck to Sleep."
Nick Bergus

The Guardian doesn’t give the book’s title until the fourth paragraph, but when it does, it doesn’t shy away from treating its readers like adults and using the full title. Then, for good measure, it quotes a few passages. In full. (The Guardian‘s online bookstore sells the book as Go the Fuck to Sleep, as well, while Amazon sells something called Go the F**k to Sleep.)

The book’s cover uses slight of hand to obscure the title, but if you happen across one of the PDF versions floating around the Internet, you will see that the cover does, in fact, carry the full title.

Too often, we go through bizarre contortions to create these ugly euphemisms and stand ins for grown-up words. Please, treat me like an adult.